Buddy Bee: Home Automation for the Physically Challenged

6 months ago   •   2 min read

By Amman Waseem

Inspiration Behind Buddy Bee
Buddy Bee is an Android app inspired by the need to assist those with physical challenges, like difficulty in mobility. The app's creation was motivated by the desire to help the developer's friend's mother, who struggles with leg mobility, to control home appliances easily. BuddyBee is still in early development but won the audience favorite award for the FlutterFlow Imagine Competition.

Meet David, the Developer:


Design and Development
Although David's expertise is in flutter development, the app is being actively developed with a focus on simplicity and accessibility for its users. The developer, leveraging his electrical engineering and app development skills, aims to make Buddy Bee usable even by those with minimal literacy and Android phone experiences. Currently, the app feature the ability to turn on appliances such as lights, fans, and a blender. David has plans to expand this selection of appliances to make his dream a reality.

Check out the app in Action:


A Comprehensive Walkthrough of Features

  1. Device Management: Buddy Bee allows users to easily add and manage smart home devices. This includes monitoring their electrical consumption for efficient energy use.
  2. Custom Device Modeling: Utilizing FlutterFlow's custom data types, each device in the app is uniquely modeled, enhancing the user experience and device interaction.
  3. IoT Device Integration: The app connects to home appliances via their IoT IP addresses, using FlutterFlow's API manager. The IoT devices contain the necessary logic for appliance control.
  4. Adding New Devices: Users can expand their home automation system by adding new devices through FlutterFlow's Firebase integration, complete with unique IDs and names.
  5. Control Functionality: Devices are controlled using a combination of text values in FlutterFlow to call the API, allowing for customized control for each appliance.
  6. On/Off Switches: The app's straightforward interface features on/off switches for easy appliance control, demonstrating the app’s focus on accessibility and simplicity.

Explore these features in detail in the Buddy Bee walkthrough video.


Buddy Bee's innovative approach earned it the audience favorite in the FlutterFlow Imagine Design Competition!
You can check out its progress by following David's twitter and start building your own IoT device app at FlutterFlow.io.

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