DentalRx - Innovation in Dental Pharmacology

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By Amman Waseem

Introduction to DentalRx
DentalRx, built by Nickolas Steel , is an innovative dental pharmacology app developed with FlutterFlow. It's designed to aid dentists in medication management and patient care. The app features several modules, including patient medication history, prescribing monographs, and practice guidelines.

Functionality and Features
In the detailed demonstration below, Nick us walks through a scenario using DentalRx with a patient named Sarah, who has a mechanical heart valve. The app features key functionalities like medication analysis, prescribing antibiotics, and calculating safe anesthetic dosages. DentalRx also includes an in-app messaging system for consulting pharmacists and the ability to print prescriptions.

Who is it for?
The DentalRx app exemplifies the integration of technology in dental care, offering a comprehensive tool for dentists. Its accessibility on various platforms like the App Store, Google Play Store, and the web makes it a versatile option for professionals. For a full understanding of DentalRx's capabilities, watch Nick's video here.

Recent Updates and Enhancements
DentalRx continues to iterate their application, thanks to the invaluable input from early access users and the ability to launch quickly with FlutterFlow. After the FlutterFlow Imagine submission, DentalRx made quick adjustments to place in the top 3 for design in the competition. The patient med history section was redefined for more accurate drug analysis, with a user-friendly layout featuring alternating light and dark colors for clarity. Additionally, the practice guidelines were strategically relocated to follow the patient med history, aligning with the natural patient care workflow.

Prescription Templates and Support Overhaul
A standout addition is the prescription templates module, allowing for the customization of medications and patient instructions. These templates are designed for ease of printing, with options to save as PDFs for integration into clinic EMRs. The support section of the app has also been overhauled, now featuring a functional chat for improved communication.

Open Access and Availability
Finally, DentalRx is now open access, making it available to a broader audience. To explore these new features and sign up, visit the App Store, Google Play, or the web below!

For a more detailed look at these updates and to understand how DentalRx is shaping the future of dental pharmacology, check out the video below:


Innovation in Prescription Management
In the flow below, Nick walks us through the prescription process, allowing dentists to efficiently select and print prescriptions. It reflects DentalRx's focus on streamlining dental pharmacology workflows.

Technical Insights and Development
The video below provides a technical overview of how FlutterFlow enhances DentalRx. It covers aspects like data querying, managing subcollections, and integrating drug monographs, showcasing the app's sophisticated backend processes.

Community Support and Future Prospects
Nick highlights the supportive community around FlutterFlow, which aids in overcoming technical challenges like custom PDF printing! Nick was able to leverage to integrate custom PDF printing into their application.


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