Financially Together (WeWallet) - Splitting Transactions for Couples

2 months ago   •   3 min read

By Amman Waseem


Introducing FinanciallyTogether, now WeWallet, the innovative app that's transforming how couples manage their finances together. Fresh from its victory as the top functionality winner in FlutterFlow's Imagine competition, FinanciallyTogether is not just an app – it's a commitment to financial clarity and teamwork in relationships.

Built on the inspiration drawn from the Honeydue app, FinanciallyTogether is specifically designed to help couples navigate their financial journey with ease. The app enables both partners to view and manage expenses, set shared financial goals, and even track their progress together. With its user-friendly interface, powered by FlutterFlow’s native widgets, users can effortlessly switch views between their own transactions and their partner’s, ensuring transparency and joint responsibility.

Additionally, the app's standout feature, the Savings Goals page, offers a dedicated space for couples to collaboratively set and achieve their saving targets. Dive into our blog as we explore how FinanciallyTogether is redefining couple's finance management, making it a seamless and supportive experience.

Meet the Founder, Janelle Fore:


Feature Walkthrough:

'Financially Together,' utilized primarily native FlutterFlow widgets says Janelle. However, even with her no-code background. Janelle was able to execute custom functions to create complex functionality within her application. Let's take a walkthrough through the benefits & features of the application.

Authentication: Utilizing FlutterFlow's easy authentication setup with Firebase, Janelle was able to create authentication flows for both sign-in & sign-up without any coding experience.

Setting a Saving Goal: Users can tracking goals and progress through a user-friendly interface. Users are able to set start & end dates for financial goals together through the application.

Seamless Expense Splitting: Users can simplify shared financial responsibilities with tools designed for effortless expense splitting, ensuring transparency and fairness in managing joint finances. Janelle utilized conditional actions in FlutterFlow to make this feature functional.

Financial Control and Well-being: Users can take charge of their finances by easily tracking expenses, income, and creating a budget. Utilizing native FlutterFlow components & the theme manager, Janelle was able to create a beautiful & simple view to help her users manage their monthly allocation.

Real-time Updates: Stay informed about your financial progress and task completion with real-time updates, fostering better communication and collaboration with your partner. Users can also do the same for their partners by toggling partner view.

Check out the Full Demo below:


Feature Breakdown:

In the following video, Janelle walks us through her use of custom functions to create the split feature which allows users to split any transactions added to the joint database. As someone without a coding background, Janelle was impressed with how easy it was to start learning to code with FlutterFlow. In the video below, she walks us through how she created her custom function:



In summary, FinanciallyTogether is an innovative app hoping to make significant strides in the world of couples' financial management. Its intuitive design, championed by founder Janelle Fore, and seamless integration with native FlutterFlow widgets, positions it as a user-friendly platform for managing joint finances. While still in its early stages, the app shows immense promise with features like authentication, shared savings goals, and real-time financial updates, all tailored to foster collaboration and transparency between partners.

Janelle's journey from a no-code background to creating an app with such potential is not just inspiring but also a testament to FinanciallyTogether's approachability and effectiveness. As this new app begins its journey in the market, it stands ready to offer couples a novel way to manage their finances together, blending simplicity with functionality. Keep an eye on FinanciallyTogether as it sets out to redefine financial collaboration in relationships!

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