India's First AI Technology Business Incubator Hosts AI Hackathon with FlutterFlow & Buildship

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By Amman Waseem

AI Venture Factory powered by HaiVE, India's first AI Technology Business Incubator, successfully conducted an AI No-Code Hackathon from February 15th to February 16th, 2024, at St Joseph's College of Engineering, OMR, Chennai. This event was sponsored by FlutterFlow, BuildShip and HaiVE (for AI Stack). It emphasized innovation and inclusivity, drawing over 500 participants nationwide, with 150+ attending in person and the rest joining remotely.

The hackathon, designed to democratize AI development with no-code tools, saw participation across diverse demographics, including a 14-year-old school student Karthik Ramanathan, who clinched the second prize, showcasing the event's wide appeal and accessibility. The first prize was awarded to, a unique zero-employee news media startup utilizing AI to publish news about AI. After the team was introduced to FlutterFlow, they rebuilt their iOS app in just three days - a feat that originally had taken 2 months.

Participants were given premium access to platforms like FlutterFlow and BuildShip, empowering them to build and launch their products within the two-day event. They were also given free hours on HaiVE’s H100 AI servers to train or run inference of any model to add to their final product. The resulting submission required them to create a two-minute video explaining their process and product further honed their skills in delivering effective elevator pitches, a crucial aspect of entrepreneurial success.


First Prize,
: A zero-employee media company run entirely by AI, along with three third-year engineering students. After spending 4 months on manually building their application, they were introduced to FlutterFlow during the hackathon and rebuilt their iOS app in just three days.The team has received term sheets from two different VC's and is now working on creating AI-developed youtube videos. Their platform, which uses FlutterFlow, BuildShip, MongoAtlas, and Supabase, along with a Mistral Fine-Tuned 7B AI model via HaiVE, has attracted 4,000 daily visitors and has a strong Instagram presence. (Demo Video)

Second Prize, SkyNetDAO: A group of college students and a talented 14-year-old schoolboy who used FlutterFlow, BuildShip, Firebase, and a connection to an end-to-end data center to build a decentralized inference engine. Their project allows anyone to install the app on their phone or laptop to contribute to a decentralized AI network. They have a soft commitment for investment and are awaiting validation by the incubator before launching publicly. (Demo Video)

About AI Venture Factory powered by HaiVE

AI Venture Factory, powered by HaiVE, is India's first AI Technology Business Incubator, dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the AI sector. Launched in partnership with St Joseph’s Group of Institutions and recognized by Start-upTN, AI Venture Factory is at the forefront of supporting AI-driven startups. With a focus on providing technological support, including pro bono consulting by HaiVE’s AI Scientists, and access to affordable AI Server Infrastructure, AI Venture Factory is committed to shaping the future of AI innovation and supporting entrepreneurs in their journey to success.

The Hackathon

The hackathon was designed to encourage students to understand the logic behind technology and to provide them with hands-on experience in building AI-driven applications. The event was judged by industry experts, including Harini Janakiraman from BuildShip. The curriculum at Anna University, a central university run by the government with 400 affiliated students, was also influenced by the hackathon. BuildShip is now being proposed as an elective subject in their engineering degree program to be accredited by the college.

Future Plans

AI Venture Factory plans to organize another FlutterFlow hackathon in a month, expanding its reach across Tamil Nadu to strengthen the case for incorporating no-code development into the curriculum at Anna University. Arjun, the founder, believes that if he were a university student today, he would choose to learn FlutterFlow over programming languages like Rust because of its versatility.


The success of the FlutterFlow hackathon at AI Venture Factory highlights the growing importance of no-code/low-code platforms in democratizing technology and empowering the next generation of developers. With the support of the government and educational institutions, the future of AI and low-code development in India looks promising. For more information about the AI No-Code Hackathon or AI Venture Factory, please contact:!

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