Introducing MakeWell: A FlutterFlow Success Story in Personalized Healthcare

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By Amman Waseem

MakeWell is a revolutionary app that transforms the way individuals manage their health, developed by a dedicated FlutterFlow user. Born out of a personal journey and a passion for technology, MakeWell is designed to provide precise and personalized health insights for users and their families. With a medical board and a passionate founder, MakeWell is well underway to make its mark on healthcare. 

From Personal Experience to Healthcare Innovation

The story of MakeWell began when its founder, a former army personnel with a background in IT and web development, faced a family health crisis.“It [Healthcare Tech] was both an interest and a necessity, my father was uninsured and therefore discarded by the hospital as soon as he was stable. He couldn't afford comprehensive stroke recovery therapy so in order to give him the chance to survive, I used AI to train myself as a stroke recovery expert. Realizing I had an unfair advantage being an expert prompt engineer, I knew there was something I could do to bridge the gap for those unfamiliar with the complexities of AI.” says Daniel. This experience ignited a passion for healthcare technology and led Daniel to understanding the nuances behind medical recoveries and symptom tracking. 

MakeWell: Beyond Symptom Checking

MakeWell offers a groundbreaking AI Symptom Analyzer that goes beyond traditional symptom checking. It provides users with reliable health insights and custom wellness plans tailored to their unique health profiles and lifestyles. This personalized approach ensures that users receive relevant and actionable advice for their well-being. MakeWell has integrated Firebase, Google Cloud Functions, RevenueCat, and GPT4 through Azure in order to create the functionalities within the app. 

Feature Breakdown

AI Symptom Analysis: MakeWell's primary feature is its AI symptom analysis. Users can describe their symptoms in their own words, and the app provides a list of conditions highly correlated with those symptoms.

Advanced UX: The app adapts to the user's medical literacy level and native language to ensure that the descriptions are understandable. A unique confidence bar gives an explanation of each condition as it pertains to the user's specific background.

Condition Information: The app provides the plain language name instead of complex medical terms, provides a list of the symptoms associated with the condition and then explains what having that condition would mean to that specific user considering their unique medical history and demographics.

Doctor Report Creation: MakeWell creates a report that you can share with your doctor when you go in for your medical diagnosis. The report is formatted similar to documents received when patients are referred from another healthcare provider. It includes all of the information they need to quickly gain a complete understanding of your current situation and the interactions you have had with Makewell. In addition, the report offers recommendations to the provider so they can validate any of the logic from the app through clinical tests.

Wellness Plan Generation: MakeWell generates a comprehensive Wellness Plan for you to discuss with your doctor. MakeWell constantly checks up to date condition information and newly published studies, considers each user's unique background and generate a Wellness Plan that the AI thinks will be most effective for the user. Of course your provider may have additional information not available to the app like the results of your physical exam or any labs, so Makewell positions this as a starting point.

Novel Feature:One of the most innovative aspects of MakeWell is its use of private cloud functions to store prompts. This ensures that the custom prompts, which are central to the app's functionality, remain secure and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

The Building Journey: Daniel worked with a variety of healthcare providers to develop a deep understanding of the complex logical processes they use as they interact with a sick patient. He then custom trained GPT4 to attempt to accurately and reliably reproduce various aspects of these processes. "Most symptom checkers function like a search engine. They use keyword matching to find the words the user inputs inside the text they store within their database. This leads to reduced efficacy when a user does not know the correct medical terminology for a given condition or if they are ambiguous about their descriptions", says Daniel.

MakeWell on the other hand collects information from the user and simulates a panel of medical professionals that analyze, discuss and debate the meaning behind the users input and the possible causes behind their complaint. If something isn't clear to the "panel" or if the user provides contradictory information, they ask for clarification. They work together to determine the most efficient and logical questions to ask the user in order to increase the certainty of their hypothesis and eliminate any differential conditions that could be possible. Once a level of certainty is achieved, those conditions are presented to the user. 

Why FlutterFlow? 

As the founder puts it, "FlutterFlow is like Photoshop in that just about everything you really would want to do... It's there... You don’t need to be a highly specialized iOS, Web, or Android expert... You can just be a FlutterFlow expert." Daniel says he chose FlutterFlow early on because even if he ran into limitations, he could export the code. 

Medical Disclaimer

MakeWell offers some features under a paid subscription, including unlimited symptom analysis sessions and wellness plan generations. However, it's important to note that MakeWell is a digital health tool and not a substitute for professional medical advice.


MakeWell is a testament to the potential of FlutterFlow in transforming innovative ideas into reality. Daniel is continuing to develop MakeWell with his team and plans to expand the feature selection and expand AI integration in the next iteration.  As MakeWell continues to grow and evolve, it hopes to be a valuable companion in the pursuit of a healthier, happier life.

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