10 Production-Ready FlutterFlow Apps

3 months ago   •   5 min read

By Amman Waseem

Let's dive into the diverse range of FlutterFlow apps built by entrepreneurs, developers, and designers on FlutterFlow. The apps showcased below have been deployed on Android, iOS, the web, or a private server for internal applications.

  1. AB.Money: How FlutterFlow Became the Game-Changer for an Agency's Success

    A meditation and mindset app that engages over 250,000 users & reports over $100,000 in client revenue, Ab.Money soared to the top of the education category in Eastern Europe. This app was built by the talented team at AppFul.Pro, an agency based in the Czech Republic, in less than 2 months after switching to FlutterFlow. With a 4.8 rating in the app store & 5.0 rating in the play store, AB.Money blends mindfulness with financial well-being in both the English & Russian version of the app.

    Learn more in the video showcase or read the blog.

    App Links: App Store Link, Play Store Link

  1. TrustEHR: Connecting Retail Pharmacies in US & Nigeria

    Trust EHR is a digital healthcare platform that connects hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies, and patients in one ecosystem. From design to development in FlutterFlow, the TrustEHR team launched to their chain of pharmacies in 4 months.

    With 68+ pages of user journeys, 85+ components for diverse functionality, and integrations with legacy systems, it's a complex app with big impact. Furthermore, TrustEHR utilized Supabase & APIs to set-up wide integrations and data structures in their backend.

    Watch the video showcase to learn more.

  1. Silver: Revolutionizing FSA and HSA Claims with FlutterFlow

    Built by 2 ex-Microsoft product leads, Silver, a cutting-edge app developed on FlutterFlow, is transforming the way people manage their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) claims. Silver is effectively addressing the $4 billion lost annually in FSA funds. 

    On average, it has found $330 per person of eligible retail purchases. It’s a striking example of how a well-designed app with automated processes can make a significant difference in people’s financial health.

    Learn more on the blog or visit withsilver.app.
  1. Postaj: A Double-Sided Marketplace for Handymen

    Postaj is "like an Uber for handymen” in Croatia, say the founders. It serves as a double-sided marketplace connecting users in Croatia with local handyman services from plumbing to gardening. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the founder say that it addresses a market gap in Croatia and they have plans to expand into Europe in 2024. The development of Postaj has led to over 32K+ app downloads across both Google Play Store & the Apple App Store and around 3000+ active users.

    Although both founders were technical, they had "zero experience" in application development and cited that the platform exceeded their expectation in the time needed to launch a complete product to market.

    Learn more in the blog or check out the apps below.

    App Links: Postaj App Store, Postaj Play Store
  1. Giftit: Building an Early Stage Startup in FlutterFlow

    Giftit is an early-stage startup that is reimagining the gifting experience through an AI-Persona called Sherlock. The team integrated a seamless Whatsapp & iMessage experience through the application to allow friends to find gifts for each other. The application utilizes web-scraping to identify gifts online and features a robust Shopify integration. The founders recently received early funding to continue their development on FlutterFlow.

    Check out this full video walkthrough (Video)

    Download the app: App Store, Google Play
  1. Atlas: Ex-YC founders build a new credit card platform

    With over 100k+ downloads and a 4.6 star rating on the app store, Atlas is credit made easy. Traditional credit cards only approve 16% without an existing credit history, but Atlas has managed to provide its users up to 5x higher approval rates.

    Visit the website to learn more!

    Check out the app here: App Store (4.6 stars), Play Store (4.5)
  1. DentalRX - A comprehensive solution for Dentists

    DentalRx offers a comprehensive solution for dentists in medication management, featuring medication analysis, antibiotic prescribing, and safe anesthetic dosages, alongside an in-app pharmacist consultation. During the FlutterFlow Imagine design contest, DentalRx made quick adjustments to place in the top 3 for design in the competition. It is now out in the market for other practitioners to utilize.

    Read more on the blog or visit the site.

  1. The Blue Pass App: Transforming the Maritime Industry

    The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in the UAE, in collaboration with Marihub, has launched the ‘Blue Pass’ transformational project to have a unified database of maritime companies and commercial ships operating in the ports and the territorial waters of the UAE.

    The Blue Pass application was built in 1 month by a team of 2 builders (1 Designer & 1 Product Manager) in FlutterFlow. Development of the project began March 20th 2023 and the project launched on May 6th 2023. The team continues to develop on FlutterFlow as they expand its capabilities in the UAE region.
  1. Totoy AI:

    Totoy is a multi-language document explainer that allows you to upload images, receive explanations in your mother language, and ask questions about the document.

    Learn more about this beautifully designed app in 3 Unique Apps Built in FlutterFlow.

    Check out the website here (https://www.totoy.ai/)


    130k+ in revenue and 5.0 stars on the app store, Tagalong Pro was built by Olympic athletes to allow everyday individuals to train with other Olympic athletes. This double-sided marketplace allows coaches to offer their experiences in a variety of action sports and create multiple training offerings. Individuals on the app for athletes are able to select training times according to their preferred athlete and sport.

    Check out the full video feature to learn more.

    Download the app: App for Athletes - App Store, App For Pros - App Store

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